Sue Montoya is a photo-based artist living in Gainesville FL. She received a BFA from New World School of the Arts in Visual Arts in 2014. Much of her work draws on geology, architecture, and land use to document the rapidly changing landscape of Florida. When she is not taking photographs, she is sipping cafecitos at her favorite Hialeah haunts.



Artist Statement:

In my work, I document how land is apportioned, utilized and perceived. Land development perpetuates the seemingly endless feedback cycle of modernity at the cost of coloniality. In this case, coloniality refers to the economic appropriation of land and exploitation of labor. The geopolitics and history of cities like Miami, FL emerge throughout my work in the form of photographs, sculptures, video, and installations. My research draws on local histories, architecture, and the geologic as subjects to investigate multiple paradigms and their contribution to the production of places.